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1) Fire Escape Evaluation: schedule a fire escape inspection by a Design Professional or other acceptable to the AHJ and submit the inspection report to the owner and the City / Fire / Code Official (AHJ).


2) Review the submitted inspection report: If the fire escape passes the  evaluation, go to step 3 OR perform repairs then go to step 3.


3) Fire Escape Certification or Load Test: Perform a fire escape Load Test (100 PSF) then submit a fire escape confidence test OR submit an opinion affidavit with disclaimer of liability OR submit a certificate of other evidence of strength in lieu of a Load Test, CERTIFICATION.

Industry Standards

Fire Escape Fatalities

Philadelphia Fire Escape Collapse injures 2, 1 fatality

Colorado Springs Collapse injures 3, 1 fatality

2 Boston Fire Fighters Perish Due to Welding on Fire Escape

Hank Phillipi Ryan Investigates Fire Escapes with no certification for 25 years!

Fire Escape Inspection